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Color Logo Maker

Download this great color Logo Maker, just drag and drop any picture no matter what size it is inside the program and it will make your color logo for you. Great program. (163 KB )
Need a Zip File Utility?  WinZip
Because of changes brought on by "Steam" you will now have to --RE-NAME-- the logo's file name from pldecal.wad file to tempdecal.wad

Move the tempdecal.wad file to your cstrike folder.


NOTE: DO -NOT- go back into that Mod's "Options-Multiplayer" Game Menu after you install the new color logo's tempdecal.wad file or YOUR COLOR LOGO WILL BE ERASED from that Mod. You would have to re-install it if it gets erased.
Example - Get'R'Done Logo above converted into a spray logo and renamed to



If you have a dialup connection you might want to turn off Half-life's in-game voice feature prevent lag.

If you do nothing else do this.....
custom.hpk is a file in your game directories (example: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\youremail@you.com\counter-strike\cstrike\custom.hpk Once you find your cstrike folder, that's where it is. This file stores the spray decals of your various teammates and nefarious enemies. This file loads every time Half-Life loads into the game, and unfortunately, it never automatically empties itself of old, unused decals. As a result, if you frequent a lot of different servers with a lot of players, this file can quickly grow in size, anywhere from 5MB to 35MB+! As a result, load times in Half-Life can be slowed on even the fastest of machines. If you'd like to decrease your loading times, I suggest you delete this file (don't worry, Half-Life will make a fresh new one) delete it about every one to two weeks. This will keep its size down and your load times faster.

Here is a steam userconfig.cfg without any buy binds in it for hardcore players. (readme included)
The userconfig.cfg goes in the cstrike folder.
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\youremail@you.com\counter-strike\cstrike

Below are links to Tweaking sites that will help you be a better player should you desire.
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These commands are used by players to configure some settings and to communicate with the server.

name ''name'' Changes the name of a player.
cl_observercrosshair (default 1) Ability of having crosshair in observer mode.
cl_hidefrags (default 1) Hides frags/kills of other players.
hud_centerid (default 0) 1 centers auto-ID text on the screen.
lefthand (default 1) 1 is for left-handed players, 0 is for right-hended.
fastsprites X Simplicity degree of smoke granade appearance on the screen.
adjust_crosshair Use to change crosshair color.
max_smokepuffs X X is max number of smoke puffs in a moment.
max_shells X Max number of shells.
con_color Changes the color of the HUD.
timeleft Shows how much time is left on the current map.
setinfo Shows all infokeys status.
setinfo <keyname> <value> Infokey value change.
dm (default 1) Turns on/off the briefing after a map is finished.
ghosts (default 0) 1 turns on the ability of seeing ghosts in observer mode.
ah (default 1) 1 for autohelp on, 0 for off.
cl_showfps X Displays your current Frames Per Second.
Values for X are 1 or 0.
connect X Connect to a server - replace X with the server address.
listmaps Shows the list of maps in the server's map cycle.
listplayers Shows a list of the players in the current game, along with their player number. This is how you find out the player number for the "vote" console command.
netgraph X Show the network graph. This will bring up a graph showing the performance of your internet connection. It will also tell you your Frames Per Second, the current amount of packet loss, and the amount of choke. Packet loss and Choke are one of the major causes of lag. Valid choices are 1 2 3 or 0 (off).
retry This will cause you to attempt to re-connect to the last server that you tired to connect to.
vote X Vote for player number X to be kicked off the server. The majority of the players on the server must vote for the same player to be kicked off for this to work.
votemap X Vote for map number X - See "listmaps". Most servers require at least 60% of the players on a server to vote for the same map before the map is changed.
ah X Toggles Auto-Help (gives player hint messages throught the game) - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off'
dm X Toggles displaying of map briefings after loading a new map - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off'
drawradar This turns the radar on
hideradar This turns the radar off
rate 2500 Sets how much data/information you receive from the server that you are connected to - for a 14.4 connection, set your rate to 1500 - 33.6k connection use 3000 - 56k modem use 3500 - ISDN should be 5000 - all connections faster than that should be between 5000 and 9999