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General Rules

1) Play Friendly (Be Good Or Be Gone)

2) Do Not Mic or Fun Word Spam, Have Respect for Fellow Players

3) Do Not Harass the Female Players

4) No Ghosting
(Ghosting is talking to living players when you’re dead. Telling them where someone is or what they’re doing.)

5) No Clan Recruiting, Violations Will Be Punished

6) Keep Racial Slurs and Offensive Language to a Minimum

7) When the Server is Full, only Admins are Allowed in Spectator

8) Pornographic Sprays are Not Allowed, No Warnings!

9) Do Not Drop to Obtain a Fresh $16000, Play Through It

10) Do not use Offensive Player Names

11) Sky Walking is not permitted.


Admin Policies

Admins are to use their best judgment in all situations and players on the Get 'R' Done server are subject to the admins. No one is "abused"; there is always a reason for admin intervention. Read the rules before clicking OK and be aware the server doesn't revolve around your kill/death ratio.


1) Bans
Admins should keep a record of name, date, time, and steam id of all players banned. Mistakes do happen.

2) Racial slurs and sexual or sexist remarks
Warn new players, if that doesn't work - ban for minimum of 1 hour. If they return and repeat the offense, permanent ban.

3) Disrespect to Admins
Warning followed by kick, gag, or temporary ban. If they return and repeat the offense, permanent ban.

4) Dropping for money
Warn new players, and regular players - ban for minimum of 1 hour.

5) Mic Ghosting on the server
Warn new players, admin_voicemute after warning for rest of map being played.

6) Spamming fun words
Warn and kick all players using admin_say

7) Excessive Camping/Non Completion of Team Objectives
Warn all players and give them a gentle nudge or slay if appropriate. Should behavior continue kick player.

8) Use of Pornographic Sprays
No warning given. Permanent Ban

9) Offensive Player Names
Offensive Player Names are at admin's discretion.

10) Sky Walking
Sky Walking is not permitted, slay & warn player. Non-compliance will receive 24-hour ban.